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What you should know about cork flooring

Cork is in no way a newcomer to the flooring industry. Having been around for decades, it’s only now getting more attention because of its classification as a green product and renewable resource. There are many more additional advantages to this flooring, however, including an amazing and comfortable underfoot feel, great value as extra insulation, and the opportunity to refinish the material, just to name a few. You should surely take the time to consider this floor covering, comparing how it measures up to your own needs and preferences.

Roca Flooring is proud to serve the communities of Nanuet, Rockland County, NY, and Bergen County, NJ, all from our showroom in Valley Cottage, NY. With more than 20 years of experience, we offer service that is personalized to your specific needs, with an extensive line of floor coverings, with immediate service in many cases. Take advantage of our free measurements and pricing as well as our excellent professionally trained associates who will be standing by to make sure you get the service you deserve.

Cork flooring really measures up

One of the most intriguing things about cork floors is that they are natural materials that have natural variations in shades and hues. Just like marble, porcelain tile, and solid hardwood, those variations give the material great personality and character. Pieces may not match perfectly, but that’s actually part of the allure for many homeowners who choose this material. Enjoy these differences and what they bring to your home.
Eco-friendly cork flooring in Congers, NY from Roca Flooring
Cork floors are highly resistant to damage from heavy traffic while remaining comfortably soft and spongey. It’s a sheer pleasure to walk on and you’ll find that it bounces right back again and again. At the same time, pieces of heavy furniture that will stay in place for long periods of time can, most often, cause indentations that will become permanent over time. If you intend to place these floors in areas where this will be an issue, be sure to place a protective pad underneath each leg of your heavier pieces of furniture.

While you can expect about 30 years of lifespan from your cork flooring, maintenance is very important. Mopping with plain water is the general cleaning advice given, but you’ll find this material might become dingy or faded after a decade or so. If you find yourself in this situation, we’re more than happy to provide the aftercare it takes to bring your floors back to a like-new finish.

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